Welcome to Update 0.28 EB, I will be your guide.



Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a major issue with AI Tasks becoming impossible to reasonably complete after just one target
  • Fixed a reported issue with the Bio-Dart Rifle’s Zoom
  • Fixed drop-down menus across the board – You should no longer be unable to click an option just because it’s too high/too low
  • Fixed an issue in which certain HTTP calls would freeze the game, requiring a restart
  • Fixed some crash-on-save issues
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the game to improperly set your resolution and refresh rate, no more 240×120 on your 4k monitor!
  • Fixed some issues with inconsistent scoring
  • Tweaked the Custom Weapons ammunition system, which caused some custom weapons to become unable to fire
  • Fixed an issue that would cause saved Custom Weapons to not show up in the weapon selection screen until the next restart.

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