One Week of Aim Lab Data

We want to share back with our community some of the broad patterns among Aim Lab users, based on the data we collect. So we looked at a one week period from 3/27/20 to 4/2/20; over these seven days, 50604 users logged on to play 815,533 tasks. Together, you guys played Aim Lab for the equivalent of 566 days straight, but you did it in only 7 days. Congratulations, you maniacs!!

As the whole world is sharing the experience of having to stay inside a lot more than usual, people who game are spending more time on it and people who might not normally game every day, are returning to it or picking it up. At Statespace, we’re seeing that and our entire team of engineers, designers, community managers, scientists, and of course, our CEO Wayne are working their butts off to keep users entertained – we’re adding and improving features and options while also strengthening our Aim Lab community. You can join our Discord server if you want to communicate directly with us, report a bug, request a feature, or give the engineers, designers, or moderators a shoutout. 

Tasks by popularity: How many 60-second rounds of each task were played?

Aim Lab currently has 29 different tasks to choose from for training. You can read more here about how each task helps you focus on different general skills such as accuracy and reaction time as well as specific skills like flick shots, sniping, or tracking. And in another Frequently Asked Questions post, we describe more Aim Lab setting options.

For the seven days from 3/27/20 to 4/2/20, the graph at the top of the page shows each task (on the x-axis or bottom of the graph) in order of popularity. The height of the turquoise bar for each task shows how many 60-second rounds of that task were recorded over one month. The total number of times each task was played is shown on the y-axis or left side of the graph.

Spidershot is the most commonly-played task in Aim Lab with users logging 231548 rounds of spidershot played in this one week. Its popularity is followed by gridshot with 204302 rounds, then microshot with 108514 rounds.

Not too long ago, things were different, but after King George streamed practicing with gridshot, it overtook microshot. That’s some powerful streaming…

Game settings by popularity: Which titles did users choose most often in the last week of March?

In Aim Lab there are lots of options that allow users to tailor their warm-ups or training sessions. One is game sensitivity matching options for specific titles, making the skills you gain transferable. There are default Aim Lab sensitivity settings, but you can choose from a wide range of titles or create custom sensitivity settings of your own.

For the seven days from 3/27/20 to 4/2/20, this graph shows game titles (on the x-axis or bottom of the graph) in order of popularity in Aim Lab. The height of the turquoise bar for each title shows the percentage of users that chose to practice with that game title over the one week period we’re looking at. The percent of users who chose a game title for training is shown on the y-axis or left side of the graph.

The default Aim Lab as game title is used more often than anything else, chosen by 24% of users. But for those selecting specific titles, Rainbow 6 Siege was most popular, used by 18% of Aim Lab players, followed by Apex Legends with 14.7% percent, then CS:GO with 10.5% percent. Plenty of users train with settings from more than one title.

Of course, we know this will change, now that the beta version of Riot’s Valorant is available to those who were lucky enough to get keys. During the first week Valorant settings were available in Aim Lab, 819 users tried it out, but we expect Valorant settings to increase in popularity pretty quickly.

Language settings by popularity: What language did users choose most often in the last week of March?

You already know that gaming knows no borders and people all over the globe are training in Aim Lab (bonus trivia: the Aim Lab team is distributed across four continents), but here’s a breakdown of the language Aim Lab users prefer when they play.

This graph shows the language (on the x-axis or bottom of the graph) chosen in settings in order of popularity. The height of the turquoise bar for each language reflects the percentage of users that chose it in their settings during the seven days from 3/27/20 to 4/2/20. The percent of users is shown on the y-axis or left side of the graph.

Just over 51% of users are playing Aim Lab with English text, the default setting. This is followed by Simplified Chinese at 8.6%, then Russian at 7%, then Japanese at 6.7%. We have a team that works on translations and they update these, regularly, so if you have feedback about the quality of a translation, please submit a bug report in the game using these instructions. It’s likely that many users are playing in something other than their first language, so if there’s another translation you’d like to see, let us know.

We love having such a gigantic data set to play with thanks to our community of users. If you have specific data-related questions you’d like us to address, please join our Discord server and we’ll try to answer directly or in a new blog post. In the meantime, we’ll keep sharing more insights into player performance and learning as well as updates on user patterns.


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