Open, Friendly and most of all – Free. Aim Lab Coaching Nights are coming.

For most, coaching is a luxury. Something you pay a notable price for and something you have to seek out for some time – But not anymore.

Aim Lab Coaching Nights are an upcoming weekly event/stream in which you can submit your questions, gameplay footage and issues, and even learn from others gameplay footage.

Aim Lab Coaching Nights are completely free to attend, and submitting footage is as easy as posting it in a channel on our official Discord here!

You can find both a discussion and a submission page in the #events section of the Discord – Feel free to pop on by!

Coaching Nights are to be hosted at 4PM UTC every Sunday, with a reminder post one hour before each Coaching Night is to start, so be sure to come back every week to learn that little bit more!

Other than that – You can chat, watch and listen in at our twitch here!

I look forward to seeing you all there and helping you on the way to becoming an Aim Lab Master!


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