This is the fourteenth post in a series of ongoing posts where we highlight one of Aim Lab’s custom training challenges. The goal is to give you a better idea of how it works and why it can improve your performance.


Audiospatial is an exciting task that uses sound localization to help train noise awareness.  The task will start with either 4 o 8 purple targets spawned in a locked position around you. Speed mode has 4 targets and precision mode has 8 spawned around you at each corner. A gunshot will fire from one of the targets specifically, you fire at the one you think it came from and it will turn blue if you picked correctly and red if you picked wrong. The targets will stay up the entire time and only change colors based on whether you fired the correct one or not. The task length is the standard 60 seconds.


Audiospatial is currently available in two task types (Speed and Precision) and one map (Graybox). It will eventually be available on all maps, however.

  • Speed mode – Only 4 purple targets spawn as this mode is for training your reaction time and quick decision making. In speed mode, it should be much easier to know which target is firing and react accordingly while training to increase your reaction time.
  • Precision mode – 8 purple targets spawn at the beginning of this mode, making it much more difficult to accurately choose which target fired. This mode is meant to train accuracy, with 8 targets you’re required to pinpoint precisely where the shot came from and it’s much easier to mistake which one fired, allowing you to train your accuracy for sounds.


The purpose of Audiospatial is to help improve and train your ability to hear and spot where sounds come from around your character and improve your reaction time and precision when it comes to firing back. This is incredibly useful for most if not all competitive fps games where your enemies could be approaching and firing from any side. Even if you’re not the one under fire, it’s still important to improve your ability to pinpoint where a shot is coming from so you know where your enemies are.


The goal of the Audiospatial challenges is to increase your precision, and reflexes, against enemies firing at you when you cannot see them yet or even just picking up on sounds like jumping and running from other players. You can’t always be the one to get the drop and Audiospatial will help improve your ability to quickly turn and fire back at opponents when they get the drop on you. Audiospatial will also help identify and correct any spatial biases you may have, some you may not even be aware of.  Just as many basketball players shoot better from one side of the floor compared to the other, gamers have spatial biases too (e.g. Better aim on the left side of the screen compared to the right or the top compared to the bottom). These biases can be subtle and difficult to notice and therefore difficult to correct. Aim Lab alleviates this problem by collecting objective data on your shots to help you identify and correct your biases quicker. Check out the data visualizations and results screens at the bottom of the post for more details!

Audiospatial: Speed Mode in Graybox(alpha) environment with Pistol. Only 4 targets appear in Speed mode, making it much easier to accurately choose which target fired at you. 

Audiospatial: Precision Mode in Graybox(alpha) environment with Pistol. 8 targets spawn in Precision mode, making it much more difficult to decide which target fired. This forces you to take more time and hone your ability to pick up on where exactly a shot came from. 

Audiospatial: Precision mode in Graybox environment with pistol. The target will change color based on whether you hit the correct one or not. Blue if you hit the correct target and red if you hit the incorrect target, otherwise all targets will appear purple.


Audiospatial: Results. After each time you perform an Audiospatial challenge, you get instant results on your performance for accuracy, reaction time (Shown in milliseconds.), error size (Measured in degrees) and how many targets along with how many you hit and missed. Your performance is also compared to your average performance on the task, and lets you view improvement across time. Performance insights will help show any biases you may have and suggest how to improve on them. 


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