This is the twelfth post in a series of ongoing posts where we highlight one of  Aim Lab’s custom training challenges. The goal is to give you a better idea of how it works and why it can improve your performance.

How does it work?

At the beginning of the challenge, a target dummy will randomly spawn in the room with you. The “Training Dummy” is closer to looking like an enemy player, and this target will not despawn until you shoot it three times. The unique thing about Ninjashot is the AI. The target dummy will leap high into the air and dash short distances around the open room. Each time you destroy one, another will pop up and randomly dash, and leap, making it harder and harder to accurately take down the targets.

What are the different Ninjashot modes?

Ninjashot is currently only available in one mode and on one map, Graybox. Ninjashot will be given more maps later down the road and currently is available for custom modes. Custom mode allows you to tweak specific attributes to your training. Everything from how long the task lasts, to how often the ai uses its unique ability.

What do you learn?

The purpose of Ninjashot is to increase the precision and accuracy on enemies with unique movement abilities, characters such as Genji who can jump and dash around to make it much more difficult to both find and hit them. Ninjashot will teach you to be more comfortable against this unique ability and train your tracking and accuracy on moving targets, jumping targets and targets that appear suddenly in different parts of the map.

Why would I do this?

The goal of the Ninjashot challenges is to increase your precision, your reflexes, and your confidence against unique ai’s and player movements and correct for any spatial biases you may have. Just as many basketball players shoot better from one side of the floor compared to the other, gamers have spatial biases too (e.g., here’s former Cloud9 CSGO player, n0thing, discussing how he is better flicking to the left than right). These biases can be subtle and difficult to notice and therefore difficult to correct. Aim Lab alleviates this problem by collecting objective data on your shots to help you identify and correct your biases quicker. Check out the data visualizations and results screens at the bottom of the post for more details!

Ninjashot: Normal mode in Graybox (alpha) environment with Bow. As shown above, the enemy target will jump to ridiculously high heights and randomly dash both towards and away from you. This will keep you on your toes and force you to adapt to the enemy targets movements.

Ninjashot: Graybox environment with bow. The target dummy will jump at different heights and distances, sometimes double jumping and sometimes opt for a more simple and short jump. Three shots are needed to take down this target, making it more important than ever to accurately track your target.

Ninjashot: Results. After each time you perform a Ninjashot challenge, you get instant results on your performance for accuracy, KPS (Kills per second) SPK (Shots per kill) and TPK (Time per kill). You also get performance insights that help you find biases across the screen and eliminate them. Your performance is also compared to your average performance on the task, and lets you view improvement across time.


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