So you’ve gotten yourself a nice sniper rifle and scope, and you’ve found the highest peak you can – All is good, right?

You stand atop the peak, looking for an opponent aaaand there goes your head. You’re dead, game over.

Now, let’s talk about what you got wrong.


“It’s over, I have the high ground”

So often you hear people say “Lets take the high ground” like it’s some god-tier position that gives you just about everything you need to win, but there is so much more to it than that. There’s a right way to take high ground, and many, many wrong ways. Today, we’ll cover the biggest safety net for a sniper – Giving yourself a proper backdrop.

Watch your backdrop

High ground almost always leaves you exposed – But this is not a tradeoff you need to concern yourself with if you understand Backdrops.

For this, we will need a volunteer, luckily, we have just the guy.

This is Bob, Bob is going to be helping me to explain and demonstrate why proper backdropping is important.

Here we see that Bob has found a building, and, thinking on his feet, he thinks that the highest point has to be the best point, right?

If nothing else he certainly seems happy about it, but watch out Bob –

As anybody with two eyes can see you a mile away!

Moral of the story – Don’t be a Bob.

On the other hand, there’s Kenneth – Kenneth isn’t the nicest guy, but he sure does understand backdropping.

Do you see Kenneth? Ofcourse not, because Kenneth understands that you should always have something behind you to hide your outline – Kenneth understands Backdropping

There he is, cheerful as ever – It’s just a shame that no amount of skill and knowledge can wipe away that attitude.

The moral of the story is – Keep something behind you to hide your outline, and you’ll always get the first shot off in a fight.

Now that you understand backdrops, you’re one step closer to becoming the sniper that everybody fears in a match.


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