This is the fifth post in the Fundamentals of Aim series, covering prefiring and why it’s the key to getting the edge in a fight.

Prefiring and you

Getting hackusated 101


You know your way around a mouse by now, and can likely hit a head or two on demand, but you have yet to learn true hackusatory power – Today, i’ll be teaching you the art of prefiring.

More than likely, at this point, you’re stuck in one of two areas. You are either pushing aggressively and getting taken out from a lack of info, rushing in blind, or you are playing defensively and getting your head shot off before you even see your opponent turn the corner.

This is because you are playing reactively. While this is not bad, you are limiting yourself, forcing yourself to rely purely on the constraints of human reactivity.

If you want to break past the brick wall you find yourself at, you will have to think beyond the boundaries of what you can see and hear.

The Wall

Breaking past the wall that keeps you bound to your habits

Almost all players that I try to teach prefiring have a one-track mindset when it comes to it – Just prefiring common spots, spots that they check all the time anyhow.

This will save you a few crucial milliseconds, but this is just the first step in the climb of hyperawareness.

The key to prefiring effectively is to think so far outside of the box that you are thinking in somebody elses. When you walk into a room, think about where *you* would want to be in that room, were you defending it. Think about where you would be sitting, how much of you would be exposed, when you’d peek. Play the defence through your mind, then push.

As your gamesense develops, you will find that you are more accurately able to predict the locations of your enemies with this method – Even without having to hear or see them. You will die. A lot. But every death develops your gamesense, every death helps you to realise a new angle, a new spot, a new way of defending, and this knowledge works for you both offensively, pushing into an area, aswell as defensively, allowing you to surprise your enemies far more effectively during a push.

Seeing without seeing

“He’s beginning to believe” – Morpheus, The Matrix (1999)


Look at a map like Dust 2 in CSGO, what do you notice about it?

Every single time you load it, it’s identical. The same is true of Nuketown in Call of Duty, Sanhok in Pubg, and just about any map in any game you have ever played.

The knowledge that this map never changes, that every time you play everything will be in exactly the same spot, is key to understanding prefiring.

Try the following the next time you load into your favourite map – Look at a wall that leads to another area, try to visualise what lies behind that wall, what is where, what height is it at, how far away is it, etc, then look beyond the wall and compare what your mind saw with what your eyes see. The closer these two visuals are to eachother, the more effectively you will be able to prefire.
This may begin as just a small area, a single wall or somewhere like Dust 2 mid doors, but over time, and with practice, you will find yourself being able to fully visualise anything from a corridor to the entire map.

This is where the fun begins.

Mastering prefiring

“wtf you hacker, reported”


Now that you have learned to visualise your surroundings – It’s time to get banging.

Starting off is simple – As you push an area, visualise where your enemies could be, then narrow that down to where you would want to be. Think about where would be best to hold an angle from where you are pushing, get ready to shoot – Then strike. With practice, confidence and just a little bit of luck, you should see somebody calling you out for wallhacks in the chat in just a few seconds.

But that is just step one – Step two is where you take it from mere vigilance to hyper-vigilance. As you flank your opponents, visualise the route they have taken, think about where you would be if you wanted to hang back and defend, and surprise the cheeky chicken that decided to do just that with two 5.56mm rounds through the skull.

Once you have gotten used to slower, more methodical pushes, you can start speeding it up, improving and building upon the knowledge you have until you can reliably call out where your opponents are without even having to be near them, and with absolutely minimal intel.

Congratulations – You are now a versed gaming psychic. You can pick apart an area of the map and land accurate shots on the most likely spots for your enemies to be reliably – As such, negating the need to react quickly.

However – Don’t let this turn to complacency, you’ll want to still be focusing on your game, and most importantly – You will still want to be ready to react to any surprises at the drop of a hat. Keep up your training alongside what you have learned here and you will be well on your way to dominating just about any lobby you join.

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