This is the sixth post in the Fundamentals of Aim series, covering ping, how it affects both you and other players, and how to use it to your advantage.


What is Ping?

To put it in the simplest way possible – In games, Ping is the time taken for the game server to send and receive information to and from your computer or network, with a higher ping meaning that the information that you are sending, and the information you are receiving from the server, is always going to be relatively delayed.

This means that players with a high ping (200-300ms, for example) will be seeing things 200-300ms “Late”, relative to what is actually going on in real time.


How does Ping affect me?

If you play Multiplayer games, Ping always affects you, however, the magnitude of how it affects you is determined entirely by the ping both you and other players have. If you are fighting a player with very high ping you might notice yourself being killed when you are not visible to the player, or before they even peek you. This is because, on their client, they have already peeked you, or still see you running to cover, as they are essentially 200-300ms behind what is actually happening.

This has many names, the most common being Desync. This is most dramatic when playing with players from different regions, such as AS (Asia) or OCE (Oceania) from an NA (North America) client.

This video by youtuber WackyJacky101 goes into much greater detail about exactly what desync is, and how ping affects it.


How do I combat high ping players?

Very simply – Play aggressively, more aggressively than you normally would.

High ping means that everything they see is delayed, but the inverse is also true – Everything they *do* is equally delayed. This means that a high ping player with, say, 200ms of ping peeking around a corner to kill you will have a 200ms “Head start”, more than enough time to start an engagement and, in some games, secure an outright kill.

The shortfall of high ping is that, while you can peek and gain an advantage, the opposite is true, if you are peeked your enemy essentially gets the exact same advantage you would have if you had peeked them, leading to you being quite easy to beat in a 1v1 encounter.

However, be sure that you close the fight with your peek. If you allow them to get to cover they then regain peek advantage until you can get to their cover and peek them before they can peek you. The name of the game against high ping players is aggression.

The same is true if you are the high ping player. You will almost always lose defensive encounters of equal skill, as such, it is in your best interests to play as aggressively as possible to make the best out of your ping.


How do I improve my ping?

Simply put – You can’t. Atleast, not easily.

The biggest cause of high ping is distance to server. Your connection is still physical, meaning that the information has to take time to physically travel to and from the server. This is not something that you can improve beyond. However – Sometimes your network may be throttling your connection, or you may otherwise have some additional delay in sending/receiving packets. The only cure to this is to call up your Internet Service Provider and ensure that you are getting the best quality service possible from them.



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