Jared is a leading expert in mental game performance. esports athletes, financial traders, and some of the top poker players in the world. He is currently the mental game coach for Team Liquid. He has been a key driver of their success as they won multiple championships, including The International 2017 (DOTA2), the Intel Grand Slam (Counter-Strike), and four League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) titles.

In this episode, we discuss

  • Mental game strategies and how emotions impact performance
  • Being ruthless about learning from failures
  • How preparation leads to success
  • Advice for young players to get a competitive edge

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The number one rule for mental game strategy (01:49)

Pattern recognition and peaking for performance (03:34)

Planning and preparation for success (06:24)

Knowing your weaknesses (09:37) Being honest with yourself (13:29)

The most common issue for pro players the night before a big game (17:34)

Building a good support group (20:36)

How to do a daily debrief (22:16)

How to manage tilt in-game (23:57)

Jared prefers to use the term mental game, versus mindset. In that using mindset comes across as static or “set”. Whereas a game is something that’s dynamic and has a strategy that continues to evolve. In order to understand how to best optimize the mental game, you have to understand the fundamental rules by which the game is played. If you don’t have the right rules then the way you play the game and ultimately your outcomes will be different.

The number one rule of the mental game strategy…

The emotional system has the power to override higher brain function. This e fight-or-flight mechanism that kicks in and causes you to feel anxious, nervous, tilted and a drop in confidence is run by your emotions. When emotions are high, your brain does not function quite the same way as it does when you’re in a calm, focused, energized state.

Ways to level up your mental game…

  • Make the time to do a daily debrief and writing practice to assess what went well and identify patterns in your behavior. Keep track and address them head-on. Be ruthless in your honesty with yourself.
  • Be strategic with your preparation and plan your day with intentions and review things that might trip you up during your day or gameplay. This goes for both positive and negative outcomes
  • Work through your in-game tilt by taking a deep breath, insert a logic statement, and take action to get you back in the game.

There’s a ton of more insightful information in the full episode.

Be sure to check it out here!


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